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In 2006, GG Group Inc. has established a production factory for manufacturing the product range of Pimp Co. Its headquarters are based in Germany, in the country known for its excellence and high standards of production qualities.

The company is established in Germany and it is powered by GG Group Inc. Its production range consists of soft drinks including Pimp Juice, Pimp Energy, Pimp Cola, Pimp Lemon Soda, Pimp Orange Soda, Pimp Tonic Water, Pimp Ice Tea (Lemon Peach, Strawberry, Pear), Pimp Gingerino, Pimp Crodino, Pimp San Bieter and also it produces two alcohol beverages such as Pimp Beer and Pimp Vodka.

Pimp Co. is highly devoted to offer the finest quality standards for delivering the premium taste of these products to the customers worldwide.



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Since 1991

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